Tap, Tap, Doc: UF&Shands.org Launches Optimized Mobile Web Presence

Published: March 8th, 2013

By: Jeffrey Stevens

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When we launched UFandShands.org last year, we were focused on creating a well-designed, patient-focused web presence that made it easier for patients to find the care and resources they need.

Despite the success of the site, there was one area we knew had to be improved – the mobile experience.

In January 2013, nearly 20% of the visitors to UFandShands.org came from mobile devices, predominately smart phones. 2010 – 3%, an increase of 17% since January of 2010. For this audience, the new UFandShands.org website provides some usability challenges – comprehensive mega menus lose their usefulness if they are too small to use with the tip of a finger. The screen size of a phone required a new design built on the expectation of the device user.

The UF&Shands Mobile Experience

Web Services set out to make a mobile site that did not sacrifice the depth of content of the primary site for portability.  Rather, the design divides primary task based content with the full content of the site, creating an easy to use experience geared primarily for patients.

UFandShands.org Mobile Screenshots

Compact Design

The mobile site reduces the primary home page footprint to the primary tasks of the site: making an appointment, finding a physician, finding a location, researching a health condition or services, and exploring the research studies at the University of Florida.

UFandShands.org Mobile Screenshots

A Complete Representation

In addition, the home page delivers the news slider and links to MyChart, News, and Making a gift. All of the width and breadth of the desktop site is still available through the fly out menu, including our patient care, education, and community content.

UFandShands.org Mobile Screenshots

What’s Next

This summer, Web Services will begin developing a responsive web component for our Apollo WordPress theme. The responsive design will deliver a similar optimized mobile experience for our academic sites, and give our faculty, students, and staff the same rich mobile experience across the Academic Health Center.

We Love Feedback

Your input helps us to build a better web presence. Web Services welcomes your suggestions, issues, and observations. We look forward to hearing from you!

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