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Diane Millican

Diane is the Trainer for UF Health Web Services. She provides training and support for anyone using the WordPress UF Health template.

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Dressing Up Gravity Forms

Dressing Up Gravity Forms

Published: Dec 2nd, 2015

Gravity Forms seemed to have one design issue that made the forms, although very functional, less than optimal as far as layout was concerned. But, it turns out that Gravity Forms […]

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New Author Profile for Posts

Published: Aug 20th, 2013

When creating Posts you can now have the byline and image of the author added to the post.


Updating Existing Files in a WordPress Site

Published: Apr 18th, 2012

Can we update an existing document in our website without losing the links to that document? YES WE CAN! The Problem with Replacing a File A good example of the old […]

Girl with lighthouse image at multiple sizes

Image Size

Published: Dec 16th, 2011

Size matters when you are creating web pages. The larger the file, the longer it takes for the page to download and become visible for your viewers.

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Take Charge of your Broken Links

Published: Nov 11th, 2011

What are Broken links? Just like it sounds, they are links that are not functioning the way they are supposed to work. Broken links in a website can be a […]


Website or Blog

Published: Oct 14th, 2011

In some people’s minds, there are big differences between a web site and a blog. Websites seem to be considered a more serious vehicle, while blogs tend to be thought of in a less serious, or even frivolous, manner.