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Categories and Tags

A Post With Tags and Categories

Example post with categories and tags highlighted

Categories and tags can be used to help organize your content. They let you group similar content, which will help your website’s visitors explore the subjects they are interested in.


Categories are a way to organize your posts into similar buckets. Categories are like movie genres (comedy, horror, action) or sections in a newspaper (sports, business, local).

You control what categories (if any) your website has, and which posts go into them.

Some quick tips on categories:

  • Posts can have multiple categories
  • Categories can have a hierarchy with Parent Categories and Child Categories
  • Categories can be created on the fly as you create your Post
  • You can change what categories your posts are in at any time: even after you’ve published!
Category Edit Screen

Post Categories

Posts can be associated with categories (or new categories made) directly from the post edit screen



Post Tags

To add new tags to a post or page, simply type in the name of tags you want in the 'Tags' box on the right side of the edit screen and click 'Add'

Tags are very similar to categories in that they help you organize content. Some unique features and uses of tags:

  • Can be used on both posts and pages
  • Unlike categories, tags have a flat organizational structure — no parents, no children
  • Tags should be used for more specific labels (such as proper nouns, e.g., John Smith)