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Add a new Post

Posts are entries that display in reverse chronological order on your site’s home page (by using Widgets). Posts can also be displayed on a page by using the Recent Post tool.  Posts are included in category lists, archives, and feeds. Posts are always associated with a date, which is included in the URL.

Creating a Post is very similar to creating a page.

Step 1  Login to your website using the “Login” link found in the footer (bottom) of your website. [see picture]

Step 2  Select “Add New” from the Post menu on the left side [see picture]

Step 3  Begin inserting content into your page  [picture to the right]

AAdd a new PostAdd a Title
It should be descriptive and include key words

BType or Paste content
Keep text clear and easy to read

Paste Plain TextIf pasting content use the Paste as Plain Text icon

Upload or Insert MediaAdd images or other media
See more about uploading Media

CPosts should have Categories applied
See More about Categories

 DPosts can have Tags applied
See More about Tags

EPublish or Save Draft
See More about Publishing a Post

FFill in Featured Content Options
See More about Featured Content

Step 4  Once you are done writing content hit the ‘Save Draft’ or ‘Publish’ button [see picture]
See More about Advanced Publishing Options