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Featured Content ZoneFeatured content allows you to make a bold statement on your home page by using the space below your main menu to prominently feature content (such as large photography). The content in this area is powered by Posts published in a specific Category



There are several different ways you can choose to display content in this zone:

  • Single full width image with or without caption (sample) [recommended minimum size: 930px x 325px]
  • Half width image with Post excerpt (sample)
  • 2 – 6 images sliding with or without a timeline scrubber (sample)
  • Story Stacker with 3 Posts and Images (sample) [recommended minimum size: 630px x 298px]


Enabling the Featured Content Area

theme featured content options

Theme Featured Content Options

By default this area is turned off on your website. To turn it on:

  • In the Dashboard click on Appearance
  • Choose Theme Options
  • Click on Featured Content
  • Select which Category of posts you want to pull from. You may need to first create the category then come back to this setting.
  • Set the Number of Posts you want to slide through:
    1 (for a static image) or 2 – 6 for moving (sliding)  images.
  • The speed of either the Slider or the Story Stacker can be altered. Add a higher number than the default of 5 to make the Slider move slower or the Story Stacker images rotate slower.  A lower number than 5 would speed up the changing images in either the slider or the Story Stacker.  Image showing the speed box option.
  • Disable the Timeline Scrubber if you want
  • Choose Story Stacker if that is the look you want.  Remember only 3 posts for the story stacker.
  • Check the last box if you do NOT want to show dates when using the story stacker option.


Adding New Content to the Featured Content Area

Adding a Featured PostThe Featured Content area is powered by Posts. To add a new featured content item first go to Posts -> Add New. Then:

step 1  Give your post a descriptive and engaging title.

step 2  Insert some content into the body (or optionally, the excerpt).

step 3  Select the same “Featured Content” category you selected earlier in the “Theme Options” panel.

step 4  Select a “Featured Image” to use.

Note: uploaded images will automatically be sized to fit whatever style of “Featured Content” you select. However, if you have specific requirements for this image it will need to be edited and cropped to fit the specific size before uploading to the site. 

  • Half width – 450px x 305px
  • Full width – 930px x 325px
  • Story Stacker – 630px x 305px

…then Publish your post and it should now be on your home page.


Per-Post Customizations

featured content options

Featured Content Options

You can customize how each post appears in your featured content area by changing the settings in the ‘Featured Content Slider Options’ panel when editing a post (see image to right)

  • Button Text – each post can have a button with some call to action text written on it. By default this button says ‘Read More’, but you can change what it says here [sample]
  • Disable Image Effects – by default a border and shadow are applied to the “Featured Image” for your post. Sometimes, however, you may include a transparent image or something that looks bad with these effects applied to it; you can use this option to remove the effect. [sample]
  • Full Width Image – Will set your Post’s “Featured Image” to take up the entire width of the Featured Content area with a caption overlaid on top of it. [sample]
  • Disable Image Caption – If you want to disable the post title and excerpt (caption) placed on top of your “Full Width Image”. [sample]