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Forms, Quizzes and Surveys

Forms can be created very easily and quickly within WordPress.  Using Gravity Forms allows you to create simple or complex forms in just minutes.  Forms can allow your readers to send comments, request information, or register for an event.  Now we have the ability to not only create Forms, but also Quizzes and Surveys.  All of these can be embedded into your website.  Your users results can be emailed to one or more recipients and/or  saved with the ability to be exported to a CSV file.

Gravity Forms gives you the choice of multiple form filed types.  Those fields could be radio buttons, check boxes, text fields as well as others.  You have the ability to populate your answer choices with standard groups of answers such as countries, states, days of the week as well as a group of answers you have created.  You can set conditional logic so some fields can be hidden or displayed depending on other choices in the form.  Forms can be broken into multiple pages. Fields can be set to required so the form can not be submitted without filling in an answer.

For more information about Forms, Quizzes and Surveys:

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