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Mega Menus: Improving Navigation

One important factor in any website is the ease of your users to navigate through the site.

Your website’s main menu is created when you create new pages [see image].  Pages that are in a secondary level to those primary level pages are considered child pages and will appear as a drop down menu. It’s important to appreciate that pages may have multiple levels of pages beneath them (parent, child, grand-children, and great-grand-children)


Default Drop Down MenuDrop Down Menu

Our sites have a single column drop down menu by default. This shows the Primary or Parent level Pages and the child (secondary level) pages. Any grand-children are not shown in this default menu (though they will appear on the left side navigation when viewing a page).




Mega Menu: A New Choice in Drop Down Menus

Mega Menu DemoDepending on the complexity of your site, there is another option that can be set called a Mega Menu. The mega menu (image left) will show children and grand-children of your parent pages in an easy-to-scan method.


Mega Drop Down SettingsEnable Mega Menu To turn on the mega menu:

AIn the Dashboard, choose Appearance

BIn the Appearance section choose Theme Options

CClick on General to open that section

DCheck the box to enable the Mega Drop Down Menu