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New to our WordPress Template:

Preview your widgets before going live!   Details on Widget Preview.

Widgets – What are they and what are they for?

Widgets are small tools that help you display special content on your website, but they can only be added to special “widgetized zones”. These zones can be found:

  • Home Page [sample] – on by default, but can be customized: see Home Page Layouts for more information
  • Page Sidebars (left and right) [sample] – optional
  • Post Sidebar (right) [sample] – on by default
  • Footer [sample] – optional


Widget Collection

We have over 15 different Widgets, each performing a unique function.

Examples of widgets include:


Using Widgets

Widget ScreenTo edit, add, or modify widgets: In the Dashboard, go to the “Appearance” > “Widgets“:


  Available Widgets: these are the widgets you can use

B  Widgetized Areas: where widgets can be placed

C  Inactive Widgets: where widgets with your settings can be “saved” so you dont lose the work you’ve done



Widget Area OpenFrom the Available Widgets, decide which Widget you want to use and where you want that widget to show

DOpen the Widget Area where you want the Widget to appear









Drag the Widget from the left and drop in the Widget Area on the right side


Open Widget

Some Widgets have Options to be set – open the Widget

FSet the Options and click on Save

GA few Widgets can be set to show on one specific page

If you would like a contact us form on one particular page, create a Gravity Form.  The Gravity Form can be set to show only on one page.

Another good widget to use to show only on one page is the Insert Page Content widget.