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Photo Gallery

Making a Photo Gallery in WordPress can be quick and easy.

Photo Galleries show the thumbnail version of your images on the web page.  When you click on one image a modal window pops up with the full size image. Then you have the ability to click through to the other full size images in the gallery or turn on a slide show of images.

Create a Photo Gallery

The easiest way to create a Photo Gallery is to upload all the images for that gallery at one time.

In the Edit Page screen choose Add MediaUpload Media

  • Click on Select Files
  • Click on one image to select then while holding the CTRL key down,
    click on the others to be added to the gallery
  • When they have all been selected click the Open button
  • The photos will go through the “crunching” process
  • Click on Save all changes the Gallery Settings will appear
  • Link Thumbnails to > Image Files
  • Order the images > they can be rearranged by clicking and dragging
  • Set the number of Columns for the gallery
  • Click on Insert Gallery

Upload Images and Save All Changes

gallery 2

Adjust Gallery Settings








This is a sample Photo Gallery

Advanced Photo Gallery Adjustments

The basic (or default) behavior of Photo Galleries is for all the images associated with that particular page to be part of the gallery.  You can alter that behavior with a little coding in the HTML tab of the page.

First you will need to have the image ID numbers of any image you want to include or exclude from the gallery. This number is shown if you go to the media library.  Hover over the name of the image in the Media Library and at the bottom of the page (the status bar), you will see attachment_ID=number. This is the number you need.

In the Edit Page screen, click on the HTML tab

Find the gallery tag [ gallery link=”file” columns=”4″ ]

After the columns=”x” tag but before the closing bracket ], you can exclude or include specific images.

To exclude images on the page that should not show in the gallery,
use exclude=”number, number,number” – Remember to use the ” ”

To include images not on that page but in the media library,
use include=”number,number” – Remember to use the ” “