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Cropping Thumbnails: Make the thumbnail look the way you want

Some of the images we use look fine in the Page or Post, but if they need to be sized as a Thumbnail, they may not look as good. Thumbnails are basically created from the middle of the image.

If the image is a portrait, and there is a lot of image below a person’s head, it may chop off the top of the head. This obviously is not good. To compensate for that,  we can Edit our image to make the Thumbnail look better.

The editing can be done as you are uploading/inserting an image in a Page or a Post or in the Media Library (after you have uploaded the image).

AChoose your image and when the window seen above shows up, click on the  Edit Image button under the image .  You will see Thumbnail Settings.



BIf you are just fixing a thumbnail, click on Thumbnail in the Apply changes to: section.



CClick and drag inside the image to create a selection (box). In the Image Crop area set the
Aspect Ratio
to 130 x 100

screen shot on how to set the ratio to edit a thumbnailIf you need to alter the box you created, hold down the shift key and drag a corner of the box that you created to select the area you want to be the thumbnail

To move the box release the Shift key and place your cursor inside the box you created.  You will see a four headed arrow and you will be able to click and drag the box to the area you need.



Once the selection is the way you want, you will need to click on the crop button located above the image as shown here.

Click on Save and then Update Media.