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There are several customizations available for the header area of your website:

Site Header

Your site header includes:

A  Site Title and Tagline

B  Search Box

C  Social Media Buttons

  Header Links – Optional

E  Call to Action Button – Optional



  Site Title and Tagline:

The Title contains your website’s name and the logo of your organization. The Tagline is typically your unit’s Department or College.

What the title and tagline say can be customized:

  1. In the Dashboard choose General in Settings
  2. Edit the text in the Site Title text field to reflect the proper title
  3. Edit the text in the Tagline text field to reflect your Upper Level Department or College
  4. Click Save Changes


B   Search Box

A Search Box allows your viewers to search all of the content on your site by typing in words to describe what they are looking for.

This search box is added to your site by default and no editing is needed.


C  Social Media Icons Social Media Buttons

These Social Media Buttons can be configured to go to your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) or if you do not have one they will go to your parent unit (College or Shands HealthCare) accounts. Please contact web services for more details on how to get these customized.


Header Links   D   Header Links (Optional)

Header Links are a menu of links above the Search Box in your Header.

  1. In the Dashboard, choose Menus in the Appearance section
  2. Create a Menu Name
  3. Add Custom Links URLs (remember to use the full path including the http://)
  4. Choose Pages if you want to link to pages within your site
  5. The Links can be reordered by clicking and dragging them up or down
  6. The Label is the name you will see on the page
  7. Once the link is created, you can add a Title Attribute – this will show when the user hovers over the link name (label)
  8. Save the menu
  9. In the Theme Locations use the dropdown box named Header Links to choose the name of the menu you just created.
  10. Save this choice.

Options to create Quick Links

ECall to Action Button   Call to Action Button (Optional)

A Call to Action Button is a prominent button that can be enabled by adding Call to Action Text and a Call to Action URL.

If this area is left blank the button will not appear on the Home Page

  1. From the Appearance section of the Dashboard, choose Theme Options
  2. Then Header Call to Action.
  3. Fill in the appropriate text and URL.

Theme Options - Call to Action