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Search Using Google; Multiple Websites

Google Search for your websiteLet’s face it: the default WordPress search engine is not very good. To help address this, you can now change your website’s search engine to use Google. The results will only contain links pointing to your website, but you should see many more relevant results than before (to test it out, try searching for something on our Web Services website).

To change the search engine your website uses over to Google, follow the below steps:

  1. Log into the back-end of your website by using the ‘Login’ button in the footer
  2. Visit Appearance -> Theme Options
  3. Select Site Search from the tabs towards the left
  4. Select the check-box for ‘Use Google to Search My Website’

Multiple Websites

Also introduced is the ability to connect multiple websites through the search box. So, searching from Site A could provide results from Site A, Site B, and Site C.

To add additional websites to your search results, follow the steps above, and then in the box labeled ‘Multi-site Search‘ provide a listing of URLs for the other websites your search engine should provide results for (separate them with returns) [see example]

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