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SharePoint Calendar

WordPress SharePoint Calendar PluginEasily display public events on your WordPress website from your SharePoint calendar

Note: you may only display events intended for a public audience using this method.

Events from a SharePoint calendar can be displayed on your website using 2 methods (each with a unique presentation):

Method 1 – Full Calendar view

In this method you will be able to see a full-page view of your SharePoint calendar. [see preview image] [live demo]

Features include:

  • Month, Week, and Day (agenda) views
  • Ability to navigate between months
  • Select individual events to see a pop-up appear with that event’s details (note: you can copy the URL for the popups and use those as direct links to the events).

Method 2 – Widget

Insert a widget onto any widgetized zone to display your calendar. [see preview image]

Setup & Configuration

First, your SharePoint calendar has to be configured so it can communicate with your WordPress website:

Step 1 – Contact Internal Web Services

iWeb Services will perform the necessary configurations to your SharePoint calendar to allow certain kind of events to be accessible from the outside — just send them a note.

Step 2 – Configure your WordPress website

  • Visit the Appearance / Theme Options / SharePoint Calendar section of your website
  • Under the field “SharePoint Calendar URL“, paste in the full URL of your SharePoint calendar¬†e.g., Calendar/calendar.aspx
  • Select “Save Options

Displaying Your Calendar

Now that your calendar is setup and configured you can choose 2 basic ways of viewing it:

1. Full Calendar View

  • Visit http://<your web site here>/full-calendar/ , e.g.,

2. Widget

  • Visit the Appearance / Widgets section of your website
  • Drag the “SharePoint Calendar” widget from the left side under “Available Widgets” to a widgetized area on the right
  • tip: if you would like to link to another SharePoint calendar using the widget, you can paste in another URL for that calendar in the provided “Calendar URL” field.

Adding Events

To add an event:

  • Visit your SharePoint calendar
  • Add a new event and make sure you have selected “Public Event” as it’s category
  • Done!


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