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UberMenu with Widget Area

An UberMenu using the widget area feature.

UberMenu is a highly versatile and customizable plugin to create your website navigation. UberMenu might be the best option for you if any of the following are true of your site:

  • Some site sections are more complex than others, making it desirable to have a default drop down menu for some primary links and a mega menu for others.
  • You’d like more control over the way your Mega Menu is laid out: for example, the ability to choose the number of columns.
  • You’d like to be able to include widgets in your main navigation menu. Examples include an image, listing of recent news articles, or a “contact us” form.
  • See the main navigation of the UF AHC Showcase for an example of the UberMenu in action.
UberMenu with columns shortcode

An UberMenu using the columns shortcode and a variable number of mega menu columns.

If you’d like to give UberMenu a try on your site, contact Web services today to have it set up.

UberMenu Documentation

A few things to keep in mind about UberMenu:

  • Creation and updating of menu links is not automatic when you create a page with UberMenu, as it is with the default dropdown and with Mega Menu. Each time you create, delete or change the name of a page in your website, you must manually update it in UberMenu.
  • With that in mind, in order to take full advantage of UberMenu’s many options, you should have a website administrator who’s comfortable using WordPress’s administrative functions and has the time to construct and maintain your website navigation.