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Social Media Account Request Form

Please fill an account request for each social media channel you are planning on creating.

Social Media Guidelines

Social Media Account Request Form

Social Media Account Details

Please fill out this form and we will get in touch with you shortly.
  • UF or Shands unit that will use the account
  • UF or Shands email alias that was used to create the account
  • Please describe your content strategy for how this account will be used: your intended audiences, the goals for the account, the frequency of posts, tone and potential sources of content, etc.
  • Account Managers

    An account manager is the person who will be responsible for updated the social media account - posting statuses, pictures, videos, etc. Each account must have two managers - the first is the primary person responsible, and the second is a back-up manger who can step if the first in unavailable.
  • Unit Approval

    All social media accounts must be approved by the communications or marketing representative for your department or unit. If your department or unit does not have a communications or marketing representative, then the account should be approved by your supervisor or by the Dean, director, or division chief for your area. The unit approver will be provided a copy of this account request when submitted.