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Global Header & Footer

A new feature to the UF Health web presence is the global header (found at the top of every website), and the global footer (found at the bottom). Their benefits include:

  • Better representation of the unique collaboration between a health system and six colleges encompassing major health professions on multiple campuses
  • Visitors will be able to find resources and information about all of our core missions, regardless of which site they may land on
  • Improve our search engine optimization (and subsequently results on Google) because of high internal-linking

While most of  these areas cannot be customized on a per-site basis, comments and feedback can be made to our Web Steering committees, who oversee and manage the content in these sections. Feedback is critical in ensuring these zones properly represent UF Health and help to easily guide our visitors to the information they seek. That is why you may see these zones change slightly in appearance or function; it means improvements are being applied.

Read our how-to about what can be customized in the Customize the Global Footer Page