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Mail Poet Newsletters

What is Mail Poet?

Mail Poet (formerly WYSIJA) is a WordPress plugin that introduces the user-friendliness of a rich text editor to the creation of email newsletters. We have slightly tweaked the plugin for our environment, and will enable it for WordPress site content administrators upon request. We’ll even help you get started…

Getting Started with Mail Poet


Many of the settings can be left at the default. However, there are a few settings you want to change right away.

  • Go into the Basics tab in Settings to add your department or group Address. This helps your newsletter avoid spam filters.
  • Change the email addresses for notifications to your email or the department email address.
  • While in Basic settings check the language in the Unsubscribe area.  You may want to dress that language up a bit.  Also change the email address and name in the Advanced  tab for the Reply-to name and email.
  • The Signup Confirmation area has language for automated emails for those users signing up.  You also have the availability of a Mail Poet Subscription widget you can add to your site to make it easy for viewers to sign up for your newsletter.  It will add the Subscribe to our Newsletter form.
  • You can make small changes to the Subscribe to our Newsletter form if you wish in the Forms tab.

Set Up Your Subscribers

In order to send newsletters, you have to have subscribers. Mail Poet will add your sites WordPress Users. However you can make your own lists. Choose Add List, and give it a name. If you are going to have more than one list of subscribers, add a unique description for your own use. Then, subscribers can be imported. Click on Import, then you can copy and paste a list of subscribers or upload from a CSV file. Use the format of email,name (or email,firstname,lastname) in the header so that each subscriber would be in the list as email address, name. Remember to use either a comma or a semicolon as the separator.

For example you could have a list like the following:


Copy and paste into the subscriber text box. Then click on Next.

Make sure the data matches the headers. Choose the list these subscribers should be added to and click Import.

Note: Did these subscribers ask to be in your list? If the answer is “no”, consider yourself a spammer.

wysija-subscribeYou can also have subscribers sign up through your website by adding the Mail Poet Subscription widget. To edit this form, go to Settings in Mail Poet and choose Subscription Form.


We offer a template in Mail Poet similar to our HTML Newsletter template that is used in Outlook, but no copy/pasting required. Just go to create a new Newsletter with Mail Poet and you’ll see a familiar layout in the rich text editor, ready to accept your newsletter content.

First Step: Main Details

  • Start by choosing Mail Poet in the WordPress dashboard.WYSIJA step one
  • Click on Create a new email at the top of the page.
  • You have a choice of  Standard newsletter or Automatically..
    • Automatically lets you choose to have the newsletter be sent at a regular interval whenever new post content is detected in your site.
  • Give your Newsletter a Subject line
  • If you have multiple subscriber lists, choose the proper list and go to the Next Step

Second Step: The Newsletter

  • WYSIJA step twoThe newsletter template now shows, and you can add or delete content.
  • The template header banner is image-based and created in Photoshop. If you need to change the image to reflect the title of your newsletter or organization, you can download the PSD file.
    **If you would like our help with this let us know.
  • Content can be text, an existing Post from your WordPress site, or dividers to go between other content.
    • To delete a content section, hover over the section and click on the X on the top left. See example
    • To add content, drag the type of content to the newsletter
    • Once content is added, it can be edited by clicking on the content
    • Select text and format with toolbar that is displayed
    • Text can be deleted by clicking on the X on the top Right. See example
    • Images can be added from your site or new images can be uploaded.
      • Click on the Image tab then click on Add Images. See example
      • Your existing WordPress images will show and can be used for the newsletter
        • Click on the existing images you want to use with this newsletter
        • Upload new images to add to the newsletter
    • After adding images to the newsletter, drag and drop images into the Content areas.
    • Social Media links will pull from what is currently on your WordPress site.
  • When you are happy with the look of your newsletter, add your email address and click on Send preview.
  • If the preview looks good, click Next Step

Third Step: Last Details

  • Make sure your Subject Line is appropriate for this newsletter.  This is what your subscribers will see in their inbox subject line.
  • Make sure the proper list is selected.
  • Set your Sender Name, such as your department or group name. This is the From in your subscribers inbox.
  • When all is correct, Schedule to go out at a later time or click Send to send the newsletter now.

For more detailed information check out the support link at the  Mail Poet site or video instructions at  Mail Poet Guides for Beginners.