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The Team

The Web Services team is made up of individuals devoted to unique specialties within website design, application development, web content, and social media. Combined, the team provides the level of expertise and experience necessary to successfully design, develop, and manage your website.

Carlos MoralesCarlos Morales

Director of Web Services

Carlos began designing websites in the mid-90s while being completely enamored by the Hot Dog HTML editing software and the seemingly endless supply of MIDI files that needed to be posted on the web. Soon the shiny and welcoming exterior of HTML wore off and Carlos was lost for several generations. Lured in by the appeal of FPS and MMORPG worlds, many nights were lost to these deviant technologies. Desperate to clean up his act, he found himself at the footsteps of UF. The kind souls brought him in and cleaned him up, providing shelter and nourishment. He hasn’t left since. He can sometimes be found wandering the halls still searching for red armor.

When he’s not busy fixing current websites, he acts as director for the UF Health Web Services team, attempting to lead his troupe of gifted technicians to the land of semantically correct code, beautiful and usable websites, and satisfied customers.

Find Carlos on Campus

  • Communicore Building, Room C3-016
  • 352.273.9027


aldermanbBrad Alderman

Web Designer

Brad would have never guessed that building simple case report forms in PHP with the late General Clinical Research Center part-time in 2005 would transform into a career in clinical research informatics. But after graduating with a journalism degree from UF in 2007, and realizing he’d rather weave web instead of composing copy, Brad traded in his notepad for Notepad++. Since then, Brad has been building CMS-driven websites and relationships with a variety of clients throughout the UF Academic Health Center.

Brad likes to build stuff. Like a digital taxidermist, he hunts down exquisite HTML templates and re-skins open-source content management systems with their hides. The end result is a winning website that a client can proudly display in their trophy room.

Find Brad on Campus

  • Communicore Building, Room C3-016


Amanda AustinAmanda Austin

Web Content Editor

From the first time Amanda built a website from scratch using HTML, she was hooked on the web. Amanda holds a BA in Journalism and an MA in Communications, and has 12 years experience in web editing, writing, design and development; online advertising; and social media. She is a Twitter and Facebook addict and avid blogger. When she’s not typing furiously on her iPhone trying to oust you as Mayor, Amanda is a mama to a baby boy. She’s fueled by coffee, cupcakes and Sonic Lemonberry Slushes.

Find Amanda on Campus

  • Communicore Building, Room C3-016
  • 352.273.9586

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Bill Columbia

Bill Columbia

Senior Web Designer

Bill recently returned to his home state of Florida from a short stint in California’s Silicon Valley. His time in the tech-mecca has battle hardened his design and coding skills by way of tight deadlines, massive architectures, notorious brands, and fast paced start-up culture. If he’s not online you can find him on the water.

Bill has been making things for the web since he was fifteen. He holds a B.A. in Web Design from the University of Central Florida, where he also worked designing and building web stuff for large student organizations.

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Natalie DunawayNatalie Dunaway

Web Content Coordinator

Natalie may be new to the field of web design but she’s been hooked from day one & has hit the ground running. She has a Bachelors in Art History and has eye for all things beautiful. She loves to learn new things and has been known to wear out a library card or two. When she’s not editing and migrating websites, you can find her reading, perfecting new cupcake recipes, or dreaming of where she will travel to next.

Find Natalie on Campus

  • Communicore Building, C3-016


Sean JengSean Jeng

Senior Web Developer

Sean got his first taste of web development when he saw his friend building an HTML web page to display Dungeons & Dragons character statistics. Since then he has determined that HTML is decidedly not dorky enough, and picked up a couple of programming languages.

Thanks to his stubborn refusal to give up, which is the decades-long result of being really bad at video games, Sean has become proficient at developing and debugging complex solutions. In addition, Sean has learned to be flexible enough to work with various 3rd party software solutions to meet clients’ needs.

Find Sean on Campus

  • Communicore Building, C3-016
  • 352.273.5679


Diane Millican

Support and Training

Back in the Stone Age, (i.e. before computers) Diane received a degree in Education. That meant using a typewriter for all those term papers and projects. Things have come a long way since then.

Diane “used” that degree in Education to work in banking for several years. Then she found a new friend in her first Compaq computer with a 20 MB hard drive, received as a hand me down from a younger brother. When she got the chance, she went back to school and acquired a degree in Internet Technology. Diane has always enjoyed teaching and helping people use new technology. Now at UF she gets the chance to put both her computer and education degrees to work.

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Jeff StevensJeff Stevens

Assistant Web Manager

Jeff studied history and advertising account management before deciding that the creative side was more where his heart belonged and he became a graphic and web designer, working freelance and in a variety of small jobs. Eventually this led back to higher ed and webmaster positions with Student Financial Affairs and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, where he worked in communications, marketing, design, and web development, not to mention honing his skills as a meddlesome do-gooder.

As Assistant Web Manager, Jeff is the Web Services go-to person for questions on analytics, SEO, social media, information architecture, usability, Star Trek, and the latest internet memes.


Greg Turner, Web developerGreg Turner

Senior Web Developer

Greg scored a 790/800 on the GRE’s logic portion, then turned around and earned an MFA in fiction. Since that time he has been employed as a resume writer (don’t ask, he will not look at your resume), advertising copy writer, help-files developer, project manager, college instructor,  and Web designer and developer.  His most interesting jobs have been in warehouses.

Greg excels at application design and process logic, navigating murky waters, and finding practical solutions to esoteric problems.  He dreams only in color, and his hair has always been like that.

Find Greg on Campus

  • Communicore Building, C3-016
  • 352.273.5678