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April 2012

New Feature: Change Featured Content Slider or Story Stacker Speed

Not satisfied with the speed of the featured content slider on your home page? Too slow? Too fast? Now you can customize it. This feature now affects either the slider or the story stacker. Log into your website and visit Appearance / Theme Options / Featured Content There you will find a field titled  ‘Slider…

WordPress updated to 3.3.2

We have updated our WordPress to the latest version, 3.3.2.  This routine patch contains some bug fixes and security updates.  There should be no changes to any existing features and functionality. If you are experiencing any issues with your site, please let us know at  

Updating Existing Files in a WordPress Site

Can we update an existing document in our website without losing the links to that document? YES WE CAN! The Problem with Replacing a File A good example of the old way is to think about a document that is updated annually, like a policies document. Up until now, in order to update the document, you…