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July 2012

New Feature: Google Search, Multisite Search

Let’s face it: the default WordPress search engine is not very good. To help address this, you can now change your website’s search engine to use Google. The results will only contain links pointing to your website, but you should see many more relevant results than before. Also included is the ability to have your…

New Accessibility / Usability Feature: Automatic File Icons

When inserting a link to a file (i.e., PDF, DOC, XLS), it is a best practice to display the file extension of the file to the user (and to open it up in a new window). However, sometimes we forget to add these to our links, and end up surprising the user with extra load…

WordPress updated to 3.4.1

We have updated our WordPress to the latest version, 3.4.1.  This routine patch contains some bug fixes and security updates.  There should be no changes to any existing features and functionality. If you are experiencing any issues with your site, please let us know at