January 2020

Directory Block Gets an Upgrade!

Directory block will receive a big upgrade to its functionality and layouts in two weeks. New styling options and other enhancements will be added that make the interface easier to use and new style options for the profiles being displayed. Below is a summary of the profile style options in development:

• List – Profiles will appear in a 2-column layout with a subtle outline surrounding the profile information

• Simple List – Profiles will appear in a 2-column layout with little styling and profile information will appear as a list.

• Slim Card – Profiles will appear in a 2-column layout with some minor styling of the card in a horizontal (landscape) orientation.

• Vertical Card – Profiles will appear in a 2-column layout with some minor styling of the card in a vertical (portrait) orientation.

• Table – Profiles will be presented in a table format.

Other improvements include:

• sorting profiles by first or last name.

• hiding profiles from the list individually or in bulk.

Information on the Directory block

Support Widget Added to the Dashboard for Apollo 2 Websites

Web Services has released widget to give you quick access to search for help articles and report issues through the dashboard. Look for a widget titled "Need help?" in the WordPress dashboard after you log in. As you type the widget will attempt to display search results that match your terms. View a short video of the search function in action

Below the results you can click on the link to "Contact Web Services" which will allow you to send a short message to us, if needed. This form will automatically capture your email address and the website you are sending the message from so we can quickly respond to your message. 

Duplicating Content Plugin now available!

A new plugin that allows for quick and easy duplication of a page or post on your site is now available. To use this feature, go to the Dashboard menu, and select Pages or Posts. Then hover your mouse over the title of the item you want to duplicate. You will see a small menu appear below the title and one of the options will be "Duplicate". This will cause the site to create an exact copy in DRAFT form. You will need to edit the duplicate and Publish it for it to be visible online. For Chronos users: you can use this feature to duplicate: Articles, Issues, and Pages, as well.

WordPress Updated to version 5.3

WordPress received a few updates on Wednesday, January 15th. For our users, you will notice new styling in the WordPress editor and Dashboard that make buttons and form fields easier to see and a new admin email verification process. You’ll now be periodically asked to confirm that your admin email address is up to date when you log in as an Administrator. 5.3 expands and refines the block editor with more intuitive interactions and improved accessibility

More information on WordPress 5.3

Apollo 2 Migration Q&A with Leslie Galloway

The department of Pediatrics has been in the process of migrating over 40 websites to Apollo 2 since early 2019. Recently, one of their Website Managers, Leslie Galloway, shared some of her thoughts on the process after having been through the process for multiple sites. 

Read about Leslie's experience

Section Blocks are a Homepage "Must Have"

Section blocks are important to the layout of your homepage because they help contain the blocks within them. They also ensure that images and text appear within an easily viewable area for your site visitors. This helps your site’s design remain accessible and consistent with the overall look of Apollo 2 across the organization.

2020 Apollo 2 Training Dates Available

You can view and sign up for an Apollo 2 group training session starting January 1, 2020. Group sessions are held in the computer lab in C3-13 and you only need to attend one session to get started on learning about the Apollo 2 WordPress theme! During the session, each participant will have access to their own computer. Each session includes a walk-through of a homepage, Apollo 2 features, and step-by-step instructions on how to build a homepage, and understanding the layout of the new Block Editor.

Sign up for Apollo 2 Training

Website Clean-up Tip - Broken Link Checker

It’s easy to view all of the broken links on your site and update them through the Broken Link Checker plugin. Luckily, you won’t have to request this plugin for your site because it’s automatically activated across all WordPress sites.

Broken Link Checker will attempt to visit the links on your site every few days and report the results to you through the WordPress Dashboard. Administrators for the site can view the broken links by following the steps below:

• Go to the Dashboard Navigation menu for your site.

• Hover over the “Settings” option at the bottom.

• Select “Broken Links” from the pop-out menu.

• Choose one of the five options under each link, such as: Edit URL, Unlink, Not Broken, Dismiss, Recheck

 Read the full article.

Get Photos Taken - 2020 Open Studio Hour Dates Available

The UF Health Photography team has released the 2020 dates for the open studio hour on their website. Any UF Health or UF Health Science Center affiliated faculty or staff who needs a new or updated headshot can have one made with no appointment. Please make sure that the subjects know what their department expects them to be wearing for their photo. Headshots are not available for posterity, archiving or personal needs.

View the 2020 dates