July 2021

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Due to UF Health’s COVID-19 response, our office has been mobilized to provide special support. As such, routine requests may experience a delay in their completion. Please bear with us as we prioritize system requests during this unprecedented time.


Learn about the UFHealth.org website redevelopment

Nearly 10 years ago, a newly formed Web Services team set about to unify the online patient experience. We took from UF Health Physicians and Shands hospital sites and created a single flagship site where patients could:

• Educate themselves about various conditions and procedures

• Find quick and easy information about locations

• Discover relevant clinical research being conducted across the organization

• View provider profiles and request appointments online

After the site officially launched, we turned our design and development attentions to other projects: Bridge, Directory and Apollo 2’s design language. In that time, UFHealth.org has grown. We now enjoy over 300,000 average monthly users and serve up nearly 800,000 monthly pageviews.

 And now it is time.

The team is hard at work redesigning UFHealth.org. More than just a new coat of paint, we’re taking a hard look at site fundamentals:

• Mobile users – mobile traffic has grown to over 50% of the site’s total traffic, so we’re making the mobile experience light, responsive and visually appealing

• Content pillars – We’re expanding the idea of our content pillars to deliver a richer, more engaging experience

• Design language – We’re using much of the design fundamentals from Apollo 2 to create a unified brand experience

It’s our hope that together, all these things will combine to provide a great experience for our potential patients, their families and other visitors. An experience that reflects all UF Health has to offer:

• Convenient locations

• World-class medical professionals

• Cutting-edge clinical research

• Some of the most advanced, comprehensive medical care available


Using Featured Images for Social Media sharing

WordPress’ “Featured Image” option on Pages gives you a space to add an image for the purposes of sharing on social media. Often a “card” will be created on a social media post with some information about the webpage being shared. This information will include the title, a date, excerpt, image, and url. To use a specific image for your card, use the Featured Image option and it should appear on the card generated by the platform you are using. It’s helpful to add the same image somewhere on the page being shared, as well.

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We're Hiring! Web Content Coordinator position now open within Web Services

UF Health Web Services is seeking applications for a Marketing and Communications Specialist to support our team. The specialist will be responsible for developing and evaluating content for UFHealth.org. They would work with our marketing, news and strategic communications teams in planning, coordinating, and executing content additions and modifications on our websites, and in evaluating that content for its effectiveness, working with analytics and other evaluative tools. They would work on continual search engine optimization and improvements to user experience on the website. In addition, the specialist would work with our website content administrators in helping them improve accessibility and usability for their website, and to advise on content optimization to meet user needs and business goals. The position listing will close on July 29th, 2021.

View the position listing


Website Clean-up Tip - Broken Link Checker

It’s easy to view all of the broken links on your site and update them through the Broken Link Checker plugin. Luckily, you won’t have to request this plugin for your site because it’s automatically activated across all WordPress sites.

Broken Link Checker will attempt to visit the links on your site every few days and report the results to you through the WordPress Dashboard. Administrators for the site can view the broken links by following the steps below:

• Go to the Dashboard Navigation menu for your site.

• Hover over the “Settings” option at the bottom.

• Select “Broken Links” from the pop-out menu.

• Choose one of the five options under each link, such as: Edit URL, Unlink, Not Broken, Dismiss, Recheck

 Read the full article.


Impacts of Clicking on Link in a Phish

Even if you think you are a pro at spotting a phish, some in circulation now are extremely sophisticated.

Read the full article from UF’s Information Technology blog


Spammers Targeting Your Website Forms?

The unfortunate reality of the web is that spamming through a form is prolific and a hard thing to curb because it can be done by a program that searches for forms online, or by actual humans. But, there is a way that you can help eliminate some of the frustrating spam you may receive through a form on your website.

Add a Captcha! A Captcha is a small field within a form that allows the system to separate human input from robotic spam thereby blocking attempts to send the form with fake user input. 

To add a Captcha to a form you've previously created, go to Forms in your Dashboard's menu, then select the form you want to edit. In the Advanced Fields area, select the CAPTCHA field by dragging and dropping it into your form. Click on the Update button to save your form.

If you receive a website error about your Captcha at any time, please contact webservices@ahc.ufl.edu.