September 2021

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Due to UF Health’s COVID-19 response, our office has been mobilized to provide special support. As such, routine requests may experience a delay in their completion. Please bear with us as we prioritize system requests during this unprecedented time.



Welcome Denisa Fluturas!

Denisa is majoring in Public Relations, Advertising, and Communications at the University of Florida,
where she will be a rising Sophomore in the Fall. Denisa’s passion for health care and social media have progressed after volunteering at a local hospital and interning at a marketing agency in Jupiter, FL. There she gained experience in compiling and developing social media content for clients.

Originally from West Palm Beach, in her free time, Denisa likes to go to the beach, spend time with family and also grow her small business. She is so excited to have the opportunity to closely work with the Web Services team at UF Health.


Do you have an old website?

Years in the making, 2.0 of the Apollo theme brings an incredible suite of new features and function to UF Health's public-facing websites. A ground-up re-design from the hugely successful Apollo 1.0, the 2.0 version leverages WordPress’ new Gutenberg editing experience to unleash incredible power through interactive and feature-packed blocks.*

Apollo 2 Features:

• Visually rich webpage layouts

• Integration with UF Health Directory

• Modernized look and feel

• Optimized for search engines

• Easier for visitors to read and find information on, including on mobile!

• Continued support in the future.

Don’t wait until your old site is no longer updated or functional. Request to Migrate to Apollo 2 today!

*Apollo 2 is not available for websites on The Bridge.


Unlisted YouTube videos may not be playable on your site after security update

YouTube videos marked as “unlisted” may have been set to “private” recently. Please review any YouTube videos present on your websites, while logged out of your Google account(s) to ensure they are working properly.

From YouTube Help:

Starting July 23, 2021, older Unlisted videos were made Private unless you opted out from this change. This was part of a security update to Unlisted videos uploaded before January 1, 2017. Unlisted content uploaded on or after January 1, 2017 was unaffected by this change.

Read more about this change from YouTube Help



Learn how to be a pro with Zoom and Microsoft Teams

Training for Zoom and Microsoft Teams is available through Educational Technologies' IT Training website. In these free classes you will learn how to use these programs and their features to hold or participate in meetings with your colleagues.

Other classes offered include:

• Microsoft Excel

• Microsoft Outlook

• Microsoft PowerPoint

• Microsoft Word


View the IT Training Classes and Information


Content Strategy Tips & Best Practices

• Use shorter paragraphs to make text easier to read on phones.

• Make sure physician photos are aligned with other physician photos or text.

• If you implement a design on a few pages that contain similar content, make sure that element is on all pages as it improves user experience.

• Highlight achievements on “about” pages.

• Link internally for physicians in the division instead of to the directory (Directory block).

View the Entire List of Best Practices


Need an Apollo 2 Refresher?

Download and print the Apollo Quick Reference Guide to help you get re-started on editing your Apollo 2 webpages. Training sessions are available through Zoom, at this time.


Best Practices for the Web

Move Your Content from PDF to a Webpage

PDFs are great for files that need to be printed and retain their formatting between devices. However, they are not a great user experience for mobile users and users with disabilities. Before uploading that PDF document to your Media Library, take a look at it and consider turning it into it's own webpage. 

Problems with PDFs include:

• They do not change size to fit the browser.

• They're not designed for reading on screens.

• It's harder to track their use.

• They cause difficulties for navigation and orientation.

• They can be hard for some users to access.

• They're less likely to be kept up to date.

• They're hard to reuse.

 (Source: Williams, Neil. "Why GOV.UK Content Should be Published in HTML and not PDF")