MAY 2019

Summer is here and Apollo 2 is waiting for you!

There is still time to migrate your site to Apollo 2. Take advantage of the new features and kick your site into high gear by migrating to the Apollo 2 theme! Web Services is here to help you along the way including help with training, and strategies to put your best foot forward on your site's new homepage. 

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Welcoming new team members to Web Services


Myles Hyson
Web Developer

Myles Hyson joined our Web Services team as a Web Developer in February 2019. In this role, Myles will delve deep into the back-end code of our various applications, helping to design, build and maintain the critical web functionality our organization has come to depend on.

Myles moved to Gainesville with his wife to do nonprofit work. While working in the nonprofit world, he focused primarily on helping people find solutions to their problems, and he sees web development as just another tool for that purpose.

When he’s not in the office, he enjoys lifting heavy things, running to nowhere in particular, and backpacking in the mountains.

Erika Boltz
Social Media Coordinator

Erika joined Web Services at the Social Media Coordinator in May 2019. New to Florida from Virginia, Erika has spent the last 8 years working to connect with students and tell their stories on the internet through innovative content creation. In her roles at Virginia Commonwealth University and VCUarts, she held a few different positions that touched different areas of higher ed, including admissions, recruitment strategy, crisis monitoring and communications, training and development for large groups, and she’s definitely the one to send your social media accessibility questions to. She is also an ally and activist in both the LGBTQIA+ and disability communities.


Optimizing Your Apollo 2.0 Site

In the last few months, we’ve moved over dozens of websites into the Apollo 2.0 WordPress template. As part of the process, the Web Services team conducts an optimization report right before launch – we review the site for any potential issues related to accessibility, navigation and usability, and make recommendations to the site administrators on how to solve those issues.

We’ve uncovered a few common issues across a majority of these sites – these tips and recommendations can help while you build out your site content and help speed up the final review process leading up to launch.

More information on how to optimize your Apollo 2.0 site is available on the Web Services blog.


New Feature

UF Photography Available through the Media Library

Using high quality photography on your website has been a challenge for website managers without the resources to obtain photography that contributes to getting an impactful message out to their audience.

The Media Library recently received an update which includes the ability for you to use official UF and UF Health photography resources on your Apollo 2 website. This resource is only available to sites with the Apollo 2 theme enabled, and for blocks created for use with Apollo 2. “Classic” blocks or the Classic Editor, and Bridge websites will not be able to utilize this feature.

These resources can be accessed through a “UF Photos” tab in the Media Library. To view the galleries available to you click on the “Galleries” button above the media library listing area. Then select the gallery to view on the right side of the window. As new galleries are added, they will be added to this listing. Upon selecting a gallery, images will appear in the listing area that you can choose to use for your site. You may need to add alternative text before you add the image to your page or post.

Tip: Use the search box above the image gallery to search for specific types of imagery such as "labs" or "nurses".

Read about this new feature.


Apollo 2 Top Tip: Why Section Blocks are a Homepage "Must Have"

Section blocks are important to the layout of your homepage because they help contain the blocks within them to ensure that images and text appear within an easily viewable area for your site's visitors. This helps your site’s design remain accessible and consistent with the overall look of Apollo 2 across the organization.

Contact us at any time with your Section block questions.


New Feature

Cards Block Updated with New Drag and Drop Feature

This week an update to the Cards block was made which the gives you the ability to reorganize the card items within the block into a different order than the order in which they were created.

To move a card:

• Select the card

• Click and hold your mouse button on the small multi-dotted icon at the top of the card.

• Move the card to a new spot in the order.

Note: The other cards will shift right or left to show you were they will be placed once the card you’ve selected is dropped.

Read the full article.


 Broken Link Checker

It's easy to view all of the broken links on your site and update them through the Broken Link Checker plugin. Luckily, you won't have to request this plugin for your site because it's automatically activated across all WordPress sites.

Broken Link Checker will attempt to visit the links on your sites every few days and report the results to you through the WordPress Dashboard. 

 Read the full article.