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Beyond Use Case

Beyond Use Case

Published: Nov 4th, 2011

I’m not a native developer. I didn’t get a computer science degree and I didn’t cut my chops on an Apple IIe. I’m a good architect, though, and end up developing human-friendly Web applications. I’m able to do so because I understand narrative.

WebGL: A Look At Current 3D Web Technologies

Published: Nov 1st, 2011

WebGL is based on the OpenGL and OpenGL ES APIs which power the graphics behind many modern desktop applications and most mobile device platforms (like Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android). With WebGL, web developers can finally harness the power of your computer’s GPU.

Google+ Pages are Here

Google+ Pages are Here

Published: Oct 28th, 2011

Google+ took off like a rocket. It only took 16 days for the social media platform to reach 10,000,000 users. Now Google+ has launched pages for businesses, organizations, and institutes. What […]

Developing Wireframes and Mockups

Developing Wireframes and Mockups

Published: Oct 25th, 2011

The stage in which a designer takes a project concept from a client and puts it into a visual form can be a tricky one.

VirtualBox: Testing IE on Your Mac

VirtualBox: Testing IE on Your Mac

Published: Oct 21st, 2011

As a long time Windows user recently converted to Mac, I’m surprised that I don’t miss more programs than I do. Unfortunately, Internet Explorer hasn’t run natively on Apple’s operating system since 2003.

Importance and Implications of IT Security

Published: Oct 18th, 2011

Information security is a hot topic nowadays. As a web programmer, I am responsible for making sure the web applications are as secure as it can be. When I work with […]


Website or Blog

Published: Oct 14th, 2011

In some people’s minds, there are big differences between a web site and a blog. Websites seem to be considered a more serious vehicle, while blogs tend to be thought of in a less serious, or even frivolous, manner.

Beware the Evil Facebook Query

Published: Oct 13th, 2011

A glitch in the Facebook Like feature can lead to your audience sharing links that go nowhere. Here’s how it occurs – and how to fix it with an .htaccess rule.

Photo by Zen Sutherland, Flickr

A Preview of Google Analytics Real-Time

Published: Oct 11th, 2011

A few days ago Google announced a very exciting addition to their Google Analytics (GA) service: Real-Time user tracking.

Step One: Listen to Users

Step One: Listen to Users

Published: Oct 8th, 2011

When I meet with clients to discuss building a new Web application, the first question I ask is always the same: “What’s the process?”