Apollo Theme
UF Health Enterprise Theme

Apollo 1.0 screenshot

About the Theme

The Apollo theme was developed to meet the Forward Together initiative’s goal of building a common framework to represent the unique collaboration between our health system and colleges encompassing major health professions on multiple campuses. With an integrated global header and footer, Apollo allows visitors to find resources and information about all of our core missions quickly, regardless of which site they may land on.

Built for the WordPress content management system, Apollo’s easy-to-use features will help you break down the barriers between you and your audiences, making it easier to communicate with the outside world. Apollo can accommodate sites as advanced as a college website, or as simple as a student group blog. Best of all, we host the software and the theme for you, so there is nothing for you to install or configure.


  • Manage content without any knowledge of HTML or CSS thanks to our easy-to-use editor. If you can use Microsoft Word, you can manage your website’s content.
  • No software to install on your computer – it’s web based!
  • Blog-like article capabilities (RSS feeds, commenting, user profiles)
  • Full media support (photo galleries, videos, interactive flash)
  • Allows for you to assign multiple content authors for your site
  • Form building tools that allow you to say bye-bye to PDFs

Powerful Features

Featured Content Slider

Have something important to say? Use the homepage featured slider to make a bold statement. Our slider comes with a handful of customizations to help ensure your homepage stands out from the crowd.

Custom Homepage Layouts

Customize your homepage layout to maximize the effectiveness of what you have to say. One size fits all means it doesn’t fit anyone very well, so we’ve poured tons of effort into giving you the ability to customize your homepage.

Mega Menus

Have a lot to say? Enable the Mega Menu option for your website. This feature will transform your main menu to reveal a unique “mega” drop down making it easier for your visitors to find the information they’re looking for.

Widgets Galore

With at least 7 different widgetized zones and over 15 widgets to choose from there is no shortage of ways you can customize what kind of unique content is displayed on your website.

Automatically Resizing Thumbnails

Say good-bye to Photoshop; our Apollo theme automatically re-sizes thumbnails from the images you attach to your posts and pages, making it easy for you to focus on writing your content.

Shortcode Toolbar

Shortcodes make it easy to embed rich dynamic content directly into the body of your posts and pages (such as videos, google maps, image galleries).

Additional Features

  • Tag Pages
    Now you can tag pages with the same tags used on your posts. This feature will allow your visitors to more easily find relevant content from both sides of the content aisle.
  • Google Analytics
    Learn more about the visitors coming to your website. Apollo makes it a breeze to integrate your Google Analytics account.
  • Header Call to Action
    Grab your users attention with this unique element. Situated above the main menu, near the search box, this orange box lets you customize what it says, and where it goes when your users clicks on it. Learn more about the call to action tab
  • Subtitles
    Add subtitles to your primary title. This unique feature allows you to maximize this search engine optimization techniques without affecting usability.
  • Page Templates
    Each one of your pages can leverage unique templates to modify their layout or even restrict who gets to see your content.

Made for Users in Mind

Search Engine Optimized

We leverage the latest in organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques to ensure your website’s content can perform as well as possible. Proper title and heading tags, high internal page-linking, and site-map notifications of published content are just a few of the technologies we’ve built into this new template.


Making sure everyone has access to your website’s content is a top priority. Screen-reader friendly, we employ a series of modern accessibility features such as access keys, color blindness filters, and proper use of semantic HTML that exceed Section 508 standards. Learn more about our accessibility policy

HTML5 and CSS3

Stay on the edge of technology without falling off. This theme utilizes HTML5 and CSS3 features with graceful fall backs for older browsers. The new technology means your website is already ahead of the pack with reduced graphics for faster load times and semantically correct tags throughout.