Apollo 2 Special Event

Web Services is proud to announce the launch of the Apollo 2 UF Health WordPress theme! 

Apollo 2 was launched on February 26, 2019 at a special event held for website administrators and editors, and brings with it tremendous improvements to the design and function of UF Health websites.

Watch the video of the February 28th presentation.

We apologize for any problems with the audio.

Showcase Websites

A small sample of sites were able to assist us with beta testing the Apollo 2 theme to help locate and resolve bugs and barriers in the new block editor. These sites were the first to launch with the Apollo 2 theme, and represent various types of websites from large college-level websites, to smaller sites for faculty-led research. 

Packed with new features and radically improved performance, Apollo 2 is a powerhouse of capabilities. New features include custom built blocks for adding rich and interesting content to pages, integration with the UF Health Directory for the creation of simple and clean directories of faculty and staff, and much much more. Our team of web designers and developers were able to take a large-scale and complicated change to the default WordPress editing experience and make it smoother, and more intuitive for our users. Read more about the new features and benefits of the Apollo 2 theme.

Apollo 2 Migration Information

Migration to the Apollo 2 theme is available now and will begin immediately. Migration should be a smooth transition for you with an estimate 30 – 60 minute time commitment to rebuild the homepage and review the site for any issues or concerns.

Before you get started with migration, you’ll want to choose your migration method:

  • Cloned Site – We will create an exact copy of your site (content, settings, forms and entries), giving you the time to prepare it for launch.
  • Migrate in Place – We coordinate with you to activate Apollo 2 on your current site, but the homepage might look a little odd to visitors until you update it.
  • Start from scratch/Clean Slate – We will create a new site that you can build from the ground up.

Request migration to Apollo 2

Content Strategy and Optimization

Do-It Yourself Auditing

The project of reviewing, trimming, and optimizing your website’s content can be very daunting and overwhelming. We created this guide to help you work through the process in preparation for a fresh start with the new Apollo 2.0 web template.

Step-by-step “Do It Yourself” Content Audit & Optimization

Additional Content Support

  • For every website migrating to Apollo 2.0, Web Services will conduct an optimization report prior to launch – providing tips and recommendations on accessibility and usability.
  • Web Services can also provide more in-depth content consultation and user testing for sites wanting to do more focused and large-scale changes to navigation and content. Email us at webservices@ahc.ufl.edu if you’d like to schedule a time to discuss.

Support and Training

It’s important to us to make sure our users are well supported through various training options.



New Features Coming Soon to Apollo 2

While the heavy lifting of development is close behind us, Web Services will be focusing on the continued development of a number of new features for Apollo 2:

  • Robust library of official University of Florida and UF Health photography for use throughout a website.
  • Pattern, texture, and animation library of visual elements that will fit the Apollo look and feel.
  • Integration of content from UFHealth.org on WordPress sites through custom content blocks.
  • …and more!

Future projects 

After the launch of Apollo 2, Web Services will switch gears to redesign and re-engineer the UFHealth.org website. Soon after, an update to the WordPress theme for UF Health Bridge websites based on the Apollo 2 theme will be slated for development.