UF Health Bridge: Collaborative Intranet and Related Themes

UF Health Bridge is our Enterprise Intranet that connects both the clinical and academic missions of UF Health. UF Health Bridge is a robust set of themes leveraging our content management systems to meet a variety of needs for specific departments, offices, and service lines.

UF Health Bridge Home

UF Health Bridge Homepage

The UF Health Bridge Homepage is our intranet homepage, and provides information and news from across the system.

  • Bridge recognizes the locations you are logging in from, and delivers content based on whether you are on our Gainesville or Jacksonville campuses.
  • The utility belt at the top of the site gives you quick access to directories, webmail, and your customized list of uploaded files, links, and collaborative group workspaces
  • The home page provides news, events, and quick announcements from UF Health offices, senior leaders, and workgroups
  • A comprehensive menu and search for content throughout Bridge
  • Collaborative workgroups allow for interdepartmental groups to share news, files, calendars, and links. These groups have granular controls for privacy, from open groups that any UF Health member can join to restricted groups that only administrators can add members to.


Artemis Theme – UF Health Bridge Sub Site

Artemis Theme Screenshot

  • The Artemis theme allows departments and service lines to construct sub sites within the Intranet for their specific needs.
  • The Artemis theme uses the underlying structure of our external Apollo theme, which makes it very easy for content coordinators to pick up if they have familiarity with our external sites.
  • Artemis content is fully integrated into the Bridge’s overall search, so this content is fully discoverable from the universal search.


KnowHow Theme – Document / Wiki Repository Theme

KnowHow Theme Screenshot

The KnowHow Theme provides Bridge with an easily categorized document and procedure database. This theme is ideal for document repositories and how to articles stored by category or type.

  • KnowHow powers the IT How-To database, the UF Health Forms repository, and UF Health policies and procedures
  • KnowHow allows us to build a single source intranet – one location, with a permanent address, for a form or a policy or procedure. No more broken links or forms published in multiple locations across departments.
  • An easy to use search feature can search across all categories; secondary searches allow to look within a specific category
  • Child themes can set up specific parameters for content (customized download or order options, views, etc.)