Web Applications: Web Services

Application Development

Using the Power of the Web to Make Things Better

We provide programming support to help build externally facing web applications that can improve business process for you and your customers. Think fewer steps. Think less paper. Think automating a process that currently takes a printer, a fax machine, and a trip down five flights of stairs.

Think about the possibilities, then think about all the ways we can help you achieve them.

Business / User Process Analysis

Web Services analyzes user processes and activities within your business to determine if and under what conditions those processes could be automated.

Peer Site / Application Comparisons for Best Practices

Web Services team will review similar applications and functions from peer institutions to determine best practices for application development, function, and interactivity.

Prototype Development

Our team develops a test version of the application to test its feasibility to automate your process. This step includes conducting experiments to discover knowledge that fuels the process:

  • testing the concept under various conditions
  • communicating the concepts to the stakeholders in the project
  • integrating the components of the application
  • and scheduling the development process.

Testing and Debugging

Once the application is completed, Web Services will test the application in a variety of conditions and user scenarios for quality assurance, and debug the application as necessary.

Usability Testing

Web Services can test your application with anticipated end users to identify how well the application can be used. Feedback from this testing is used to your software as user-friendly as possible.

Coordinate with SPICE Office to Ensure Applications Meet Institutional Security Requirements

Our team works closely with UF IT security departments to ensure the application meets the institution’s requirements for online security.

Performance Assessment / Improvements

Web Services will work with the unit that deploys the application to measure its performance and to recommend iterative improvements to its function and interface to continually meet changing user and enterprise needs.

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