Marketing Communications Specialist

Under the supervision of the Assistant Web Manager for UF Health Web Services, the candidate will work with content coordinators, UF Health Communications, and other UF Health staff and faculty to develop and maintain effective content and information architecture solutions for the UF Health web presence and the UF Health intranet.

The candidate will prepare text, graphics, audio, and video content for enterprise level sites in conjunction with UF Health Communications staff and the Assistant Web Manager.

The candidate will coordinate with various UF Health stakeholders to discuss their business goals, review existing content and resources, and recommend solutions to maximize the effectiveness of delivering digital content to web audiences to meet those goals. The ideal candidate will be familiar with the content strategy techniques and have familiarity with performing content audits, interpreting analytics, and in conducting usability testing in order to refine online content and to recommend enterprise-level best practices that result in improved conversion rates and in making websites more accessible, informative, and navigable.

The candidate will execute tasks as assigned by the Assistant Web Manager to improve enterprise-level sites and individual web projects. These tasks will include reviewing content for best practices in writing, search engine optimization, usability, and 508 accessibility standards; quality assurance for layout, style, grammar, and consistency; broken links; and refinements to the site that optimize their effectiveness in meeting intended goals and in improving user experience.

The candidate will have familiarity with web content practices, web governance, information architecture, and industry best practices. The candidate will research new techniques and best practices in these fields to communicate to the Web Services team, as well as UF Health clients.

The candidate will create and maintain positive and professional interactions with technical and non-technical team members, end users, and UF Health executives. The candidate will support end users in their use of website content management systems as well as working with other members of the Web Services staff to hold information sessions and user groups to educate UF Health clients about new techniques and technologies in content optimization.  The candidate will track time and effort and prepare status reports for progress reporting.

Content Updates
Will work closely with UF Health clients and marketing/news staff in planning, coordinating, and executing content additions and modifications of websites (text, graphics, videos, forms, etc.) and in reviewing and making recommendations for continual improvement of existing content.

Content Optimization (SEO, Information Architecture Improvements)
Will work closely with UF Health clients, UF Health Communications, and the Assistant Web Manager in finding opportunities to optimize site content to improve user experience and to improve search engine result page (SERP) rankings of existing sites for strategic key words and phrases. Will review and advise on other UF Health websites on ways to improve visitor flow and goal completions. Will continually analyze the taxonomy that drives the Enterprise UF Health websites and determine methods for continual improvements to deliver relevant, timely information to core audiences.

End User Support
Collaborate with UF Health clients on best practices on using UF Health web templates and best practices for usability, accessibility, and search engine optimization. Assembles content for web pages and makes recommendations on filling gaps for necessary information to convey to audiences. Respond to end user questions related to content and content updates, use of content management software, Participate and assist in client meetings and reviews of websites.

Usability and Accessibility Compliance
Maintains currency in applicable accessibility laws such as Federal website accessibility law 508.  Performs impact analysis on the UF Health web presence triggered by legal changes. Ensures all UF Health websites and website templates adhere to Federal and State laws, and UF policies regarding website accessibility.

Website Analytics and Reporting
Will make use of analytics tools to review site effectiveness and to identify trends and areas needing additional review and testing for improvement.

Professional Development
Research the web design field for new best practices and recommendations on improving information architecture, user testing, usability, accessibility, content strategy, and search engine optimization. Monitor trends in peer institution websites to make recommendations for further site improvements.

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