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ufhealth.org Updates

UFHealth.org is made up of static content, such as webpages, and dynamic content, which is fed from a number of applications and databases. Each have  different workflows and approval processes for updating or requesting new content for the website. This content flowchart helps determine the placement of new content and which format is ideal.

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Health encyclopedia
Health topics make up the backbone of our site’s taxonomical system, and ties into location pages, providers, and clinical research studies.
UF Health
Physicians and staff are added to ufhealth.org via the UF Health Directory. You can request new profiles to be added to the Directory by Web Services.
Add or update a clinical location on ufhealth.org.
This overview explains the data elements and connections between research studies and various content types on the site.

UFHealth.org features request

Have a feature you’d like to see on UFHealth.org? Are your clients begging for a particular widget, content type or doo-dad? Let us know so we can begin a dialogue to help make UFHealth.org even better for everyone.

UF Health Social Media Account Request

Social media account representing UF Health have to be approved by UF Health Communications per UF policy. The following process will help to create a social media presence that will meet institution and audience goals and expectations.

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