Health Topics’s health encyclopedia connects health providers, locations, and research studies together and is a critical component in powering the patient content on our website.

The base content for the encyclopedia is provided by an outside vendor, ADAM. ADAM content is physician-reviewed, written by skilled consumer medical writers, and is based on the best available evidence from national guidelines, government agencies, recognized leading textbooks, and peer-reviewed literature. However, it sometimes does not fully reflect our approach to patient care at UF Health, and sometimes might be incomplete.

ADAM health topics can be overwritten with UF Health specific content; in addition, new health topics can be added to the encyclopedia. Our long-term goal is to make the UF Health encyclopedia as specific to our health care system as possible; this would be more relevant to our patients, and would help to differentiate us from other health care providers. When people are faced with health issues, we want them to rely on for comprehensive, clear, concise, objective, reliable health information.

Review and Approval Process

  1. Step One
    Download the Health Topic Overview document and complete the document. If you would like assistance in creating the health topics, please reach out to Web Services or to your Marketing representative.
  2. Step Two
    Submit the Health Topic Overview using the form submission below, attaching the completed document.
  3. Step Three
    Health topic is reviewed by UF Health marketing.
  4. Step Four
    Health topic is reviewed and approved by Department chair.
  5. Step Five
    Chief Communications Officer or their proxy approves health topic to be added to site.
  6. Step Six
    Web Services publishes the topic on, and links the topic to relevant physicians, locations, and other web pages.

Writing Tips

  • Use simple, clear language written to the eighth-grade reading level.
  • Materials should be objective and encyclopedic in nature.
  • All writing should be in third person. (Avoid using ‘I’ and ‘you’.)

Health Topic Examples

Step 1. Write Health Topic

Step 2. Submit to Web Services

  • Max. file size: 125 MB.
    Upload your completed Health Topic Document, as detailed in Step 1.
  • Please note that promotional information about physicians, practices and specific patient treatment programs is reserved for the “Approach to Care” section. Please contact your marketing representative for details.


For questions or guidance in completing the Health Topic Submission Form, please contact UF Health Web Services.