Apollo 2 Theme

Years in the making, 2.0 of the Apollo theme brings an incredible suite of new features and function to UF Health websites. A ground-up re-design from the hugely successful Apollo 1.0, the 2.0 version leverages WordPress’ new Gutenberg editing experience to unleash incredible power through interactive and feature-packed blocks.

Showcase Sites

Below are but a few of the websites currently utilizing the Apollo 2 theme. Take a look around and appreciate the unique variations each are able to achieve as they layout their content in rich and engaging ways.

Additional sites recently launched include:

Major Features

automagic menu
Apollo 2 Features
Each page drop down on your main menu “automagically” formats itself to best fit the amount of pages and sub-pages you have selected.
Apollo 2 Features
New Dashboard Widgets
A dashboard that actually gives you useful information! Enjoy website analytics/statistics, less clutter, and an easy to use support widget to get help from Web Services
Apollo 2 Features
A brand new search engine means better, more relevant results (and it even searches inside PDFs and Word documents). Your users will also now see lightning-fast quick-results as they enter search keywords.
Apollo 2.0 Footer
The new global footer can be customized to include contact information (accompanied by a Google map), a background image, a small navigation menu, and a “Make a Gift” button.
mobile device
Apollo 2 was developed to serve our mobile visitors from the ground up! The new theme will make their visit a better experience, over all.
Easily create directories and profiles of faculty and staff using the Directory block. This block will integrate information from the UF Health Web Directory, and update your website with changes automatically!
uf photos
Apollo 2 Features
Apollo 2 websites have easy access to high resolution photography from the University of Florida and UF Health Photography teams.

Major Features Coming Soon

  • Textures and animations: select from any number of beautiful textures and subtle animations that spruce up various sections of your site, adding life and uniqueness
  • UFHealth.org Blocks: easily integrate information from UFHealth.org on your clinical websites, such as information about locations, physicians, research studies, and more! This content will also automatically update when changes are made on UFHealth.org, freeing you up from having to keep track of these changes.
  • Light Mode: Prefer a more minimalist style to your site? Light mode will allow you to reduce the impact of the warm oranges and blues found on the standard Apollo 2, and provide a lightened experience for your visitors
  • …and more! Our team is hard at work on additional enhancements, bug fixes, and major feature releases all the time. Keep a look-out for your announcements about new features in our regular newsletters, as well as our user-conference meetings.

Support & Training

Visit our training and support site for documentation and tutorials on how to best use the Apollo 2.0 theme.
Let us know when you’re ready to migrate your existing site with our handy migration form.
Updates to bugs and features