Social Media Account Requests
UF Health

While social media is a great way to communicate with our patients, students, and communities, it requires a good deal of planning and resources to be successful in creating engaging content those audiences want to see.

Social media accounts representing UF Health must be approved by UF Health Communications per UF policy. The following process will help to create a strong foundation for a social media presence that will meet both institutional and audience goals and needs.

Getting Started

Consult with UF Health Communications

Complete a Social Media Strategy document

There are a number of things to consider in starting a new account – what and when you will be posting; how that content meets the goals set with your communications representative and mission; how active you will be on the account to answer questions, and what resources will be devoted to building and maintaining the channel. Use our strategy planning document to help answer those questions (we’ll also ask you to send us a copy of that document in the next step).

Submit a request form

The Social Media Committee will review your request and will follow-up if they have any questions or concerns. After the committee makes its recommendation, the request is also reviewed by several senior communications leaders and then is presented to the Senior Vice President and Chief Communications Officer for approval. This approval process can take several weeks. Please note an incomplete or vague application can cause further delays. 

  • Upload your content strategy document for our review.
    Accepted file types: doc, docx.
  • Please provide the proposed URL of the account on the social media channel.
  • UF or Shands unit that will use the account
  • UF or Shands email alias that was used to create the account
  • Account Managers

    An account manager is the person who will be responsible for updated the social media account - posting statuses, pictures, videos, etc. Each account must have two managers - the first is the primary person responsible, and the second is a back-up manger who can step if the first in unavailable.
  • Unit Approval

    All social media accounts must be approved by the communications or marketing representative for your department or unit. If your department or unit does not have a communications or marketing representative, then the account should be approved by your supervisor or by the Dean, director, or division chief for your area. The unit approver will be provided a copy of this account request when submitted.