A website transformed WE’re proud to introduce the new ufhealth.org

UFHealth.org has been completely redesigned to meet the changing and growing needs of our patients and our health care system. After years of careful consideration, research and user testing and feedback, we were able to take what worked well on the old site and improve it. And we’ve added new features to make the experience even better.

What’s NEW

what’s new


Location pages are critical for patients to find their way to getting care. We’ve improved our pages by adding new features, including geolocation so people can see at a glance how far a clinic or hospital is from their current location.


Health topics

We updated our conditions and treatments pages to highlight custom content so we can elevate the things that make UF Health one of the best.



Our new, first-person bios are friendlier and more effective in making patients feel comfortable in their healthcare decisions. We’ve also enabled direct scheduling through MyChart and improved how we display the breadth of our providers research expertise.


Clinical trials

Our site displays active clinical trial information to our patients, in a clear cut manner that explains the purpose of the trial and the eligibility requirements.


Community support

UF Health provides patient support and education and works with local organizations to provide care in the community. We’ve made those programs easier to find at the time a patient needs those resources.


Flexible design

Healthcare can be complex – to provide clear information to our patients and families, our website content needs a flexible framework that allows for presenting that information.

PROGRAMMED FOR our patients

You can see the improvements in what you see, but a lot of what has been improved happens behind the scenes in ufhealth.org’s code. Improvements to our code base means a site that loads faster, across multiple devices, and provides a uniform, satisfactory experience for people. It also improves our ranking in search engines, which account for a majority of visits to our website.

Improved site search

Our new internal search feature provides more accurate results and features to get our patients where they need to go.

Performance improvements

We also concentrated on performance, honing and refining the site so even users on slow mobile connections and small screens can benefit from site’s dynamic features and comprehensive information.

Ever-improving accessibility

We use a combination of best practices, automated testing, and manual testing to ensure the best possible experience across devices and assistive technologies.

Unified responsive design

ufhealth.org is designed to work across a wide range of devices and screen sizes, from mobile phones to desktop computers. Information is presenting to our patients in a consistent manner across a digital ecosystem.

A better site, By the numbers

92% Lighthouse Score Lighthouse is a Google tool that measures performance, SEO, and accessibility – a higher score is given heavier relevance in search engine results. Our new score is a 60% improvement over the original site, and performs better than peer sites such as Mayo and Advent Health.

3 Times Faster The site loads roughly 2-4x faster. The decreased size of the site improves its performance on mobile devices, reducing user frustration and the potential they will leave the site before it even opens.

A multidisciplinary effort

Our web services team led a broad collaborative effort including communicators, subject matter experts, and patient audiences to identify goals and improvements. Our redesign process included benchmarking against peer websites, reviews of best practices and case studies, and the development of user personas, prototypes, testing and more.

Screenshots of various pages and prototypes for the new website.

Notice an issue?

With a site as large as ufhealth.org, there's always a chance that we missed something. If you come across content on the site that is out of date or inaccurate, send us a message that details the issue and the address of the page. We'll be working those reported issues in the weeks after the site launch.

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