Conditions and Treatments
Introducing 2.0

Header area of 2.0 Conditions and Treatments page

We improved our health library by adding expanded medical specialties to our already robust conditions and treatments health encyclopedia. We also provided easy customization of content to help highlight the patient experience and our approach to care. Our updated conditions and treatments pages now include a comprehensive guide to community and patient programs and updated events listings. All of these make for a rich, engaging experience that highlights our commitment to patient education and community wellbeing.

Content Customization

We updated the design and intent of our conditions and treatments pages. In our earlier site, health encyclopedia entries often contained generic health information. This generic content did little to reflect the expertise at UF Health and how we provide care for our patients.

In 2.0, this patient education information has been deemphasized to put a greater emphasis on what patients will experience at our clinics and hospitals. Health topics still can display this patient education if it provides good information to create more informed patients; if it is not applicable, it can be removed.

Custom healthcare teams listings, key differentiators and awards listings and highlights all give the patient a sense of the excellent care they can expect from our system. In addition, we’ve also included sections to highlight research studies, events and community and patient programs:

  • Research studies enable site visitors to browse current research studies offered at UF Health that are directly related to the condition they’re currently browsing.
  • Our new events calendar highlights upcoming events, seminars and classes that revolve around the condition or treatment.
  • Our community programs section makes all the various support groups, services and partner organizations easy to find, easy to understand and easy to access for people seeking more information to benefit their overall health and wellbeing.

Medical Specialties

Medical specialties serve as a lynchpin for our healthcare content. They bring together specific conditions and treatments under a single umbrella and enable patients to browse the full extent of our healthcare treatment options. Our new medical specialties pages reflect our system’s commitment to multidisciplinary care. They enable patients to find locations and healthcare providers, and allow for rich, custom content. We can provide patients an overview of all they can expect from our healthcare system, and highlight the key differences that make the care they can receive at UF Health so unique.

Screen Capture of Pediatrics Specialty Page showing Hero Image, intro paragraph and navigation links

New Features

  • Custom provider pages
  • Custom location pages
  • Custom banners to highlight awards, certifications and accreditations
  • Related conditions and treatments
  • Patient testimonials and stories
  • News, updates and events related to the specialty