Introducing UFHealth.org 2.0

Location pages are some of the most visited pages on UFHealth.org. We improved upon their solid functionality to make them even more valuable to site visitors. We put key patient needs front and center: how to make appointments, phone numbers, addresses, and hours of operation. No searching, no scrolling.

We also expanded our locations pages. Hospitals and institutes can now display the rich diversity of all the services they offer. And we added several new features, including “Look inside” and amenities to help patients and families fully prepare for their visits.

Header image from Heart and Vascular Hospital Location Page

Hours and Address

A location page’s utility is important to visitors. We redesigned and updated the header area to provide a large, engaging building photo for visitors so they know what to look for when traveling to us. We also kept in mind the importance of the basics: phone number, address, and operating hours. In fact, we updated our operating hours, so users can tell immediately if a location is currently open.

We’ve also made the maps and parking link directly to Google services. Users on mobile devices should have no trouble mapping their route to any of our clinics and hospitals.

Expanded Location Content

UF Health is a large system with clinics and hospitals all over Florida. Our new Hospital and Institute pages can grow to account for the size and scope of our largest locations. We can now customize each location by adding new pages with expanded content. An Our Team page might be added to highlight the full range of healthcare providers at a location which reflects the multidisciplinary approach to care our system is known for.  Custom content can also highlight the key differentiators that separate a location from its competitors. This expanded content provides comprehensive information that reflects our full continuum of care. The updated design ensures the content is still easy to find and easy to navigate for our visitors.

Look Inside

Our “Look inside” feature enables visitors to get an idea of what to expect after they arrive. Photos and videos can be added so that users can orient themselves to a location’s layout, which makes it easy to find exactly where they need to go once they arrive.


We’ve also added an amenities section to our locations pages. Amenities include everything from accessible facilities to free Wi-Fi to valet parking and everything in between. Knowing the amenities each location offers enables patients and families to better plan their visits. And better planning leads to a more comfortable healthcare experience.

Finding care close to you

One of the most exciting features we’ve added to locations is the new geolocation feature. Site visitors can input their zip code and search for locations based on distance to their current location. They can also see how far any location is from their location, which makes for more convenience, less stress and quicker travel times.

Screen capture of first location filtered by distance from 32605 zip code

Insurance Search

When looking for a provider, patients often want to know as soon as possible if the clinic is covered under their health care plan. We’ve updated our insurance listing from managed care to make it easier for patients to search if their insurer provides coverage for our clinics.