Usability Testing

Usability looks at how easy it is for a user of your site to navigate your website and accomplish the goals that you have set for that site – find a health care provider, apply for admissions to your college, etc. Reviewing your site for usability issues and finding ways to address them is critical for a well-functional and effective web presence. Without it, your site runs the potential of being too difficult to use and people will leave the site.



A/B Testing

Tests proposed site changes to current site to compare effectiveness.


Card Sorting

Used to test categorizations of content based on user preferences.


Focus Groups

Used to gather audience insights as to site design, structure and content.


Heat Mapping

Used to review where users interact with the page and at what point abandon a page while scrolling.


Paper Prototypes

Used to test interflows and use of the site prior to spending time in coding a digital version.


Site Review

Used to verify a site is complying with best practices prior to launch.



Used to capture real-time user sentiment and reactions to using a site through.

Formal / Informal

Usability Testing

Used to observe user interactions and observations while using the website.

Usability Testing Plan

Are you interested in making usability testing a service line for your web office? We’re providing our Usability Testing planning document as a resource in doing just that!

For each of the services we are offering, the document outlines: what we test; why we test; the targets, goals, and outcomes of the test; the ROI in doing and the risks in not doing the test; and methodology, timetable, and resources needed for each test.