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Measuring Your Website’s Effectiveness

Maintaining an effective website is a continual process, much like cultivating a garden. Content needs to be pruned and shaped to meet the expectations of users and the institution. Analytic data on how your users use the site provide a crucial first step for planning an effective presentation.

Web Services measures the traffic and use of each of the sites using our WordPress themes. The collected data provides insights into how users use the site, how they get to the site, and what they search for while on the site. Measuring and reviewing that data helps to determine how navigation can be improved, what content most appeals to the audience, and where there might be barriers in the construction of the site to having the audience perform a task or get to key information.

What Can Web Services Do For You?

  • Review: Web Services examines usage logs for anomalies in traffic, and then provides interpretative reports to content providers as well as communications and administrative personnel that highlights the details, issues and recommendations.
  • Reporting: Web Services can review Analytics and site usage data for top-level sites within UF Health, and provide monthly executive summaries for top-level site activity.
  • Consultation: Web Services provide consultation and training for individual content providers on how to access analytical data for custom reporting on their unit’s website.

Analytics Reports for All Your Needs

Migration Audit

The migration audit is a one-page report for websites migrating to Apollo 2. The report features key analytics data from Google about the Apollo 1 website and recommendations for the Apollo 2 website based on the analytics. Audits can typically be completed in a day. They highlight key findings and useful suggestions to fully optimize the new Apollo 2 site. Typically, recipients keep a copy on hand as they approach their new website.

Analytics, Mapping, & Testing

For Apollo 2 websites, we offer a website analytics review, heat mapping, and A/B testing.

Analytics Report

You will receive Google analytics data and key statistics along with recommendations on how to improve your overall site. We identify goals and focus on key page statistics to achieve those goals.

Heat Mapping

If you choose to move on to heat mapping, we identify key pages critical to conversions and set up mapping to track them over the course of a few weeks. After the timeline is complete, we provide feedback on those individual pages. We can then identify a page for A/B testing.

A/B Testing

During A/B testing, we use all the data gathered to make further revisions to a goal page that we test on users to ensure an optimal experience.

Generally, individuals elect to go through all three steps in the process, though it is not required. We recommend you get the testing done as soon after migration as possible to get the best experience.

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