Community Programs
Introducing 2.0

On the original, we had a section for outlining our mission of providing community outreach. The community section includes classes, support groups, and external community and local and state organizations to help with post-operative and treatment care. Our new site helps to surface this content in new places where it has more context and value for our patients.

How Community Programs Work

  • Community programs encompass both internally managed programs and events, and externally run programs by state, local, charity and partner organizations.
  • Descriptions of community programs can be embedded into any page, location, condition and treatment health topic, or specialty page. This flexibility allows us to highlight the programs at the point of a patient’s health care journey.
  • The descriptions link off to dedicated pages for the program that can be used for external communications and marketing campaigns. They can also be linked off to other websites, in the case of our partners or state and local programs.
Example of community programs shown on the hodgkin lymphoma health topic.