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Why Use Social Media?

Social Media is a valuable channel of communication for your website. With so many competing sites and messages, you have to bring your message to where your audiences are. Currently Facebook is the most visited website on the Internet, and more and more social media networks are appearing every day.

That being said, maintaining a quality social media channel that engages your audiences and brings them meaningful content is much harder than it appears at first glance. Like a news site or blog, it requires regularly updated content and a community manager that is responsive to the audience. Deciding if your unit has the resources to maintain this channel of communication or whether it should feed into another channel is a primary consideration for anyone looking to use this medium.

Social Media Diagram

What Can Web Services Do for You?

Initial Consultation

Web Services, in conjunction with the UF Health News & Communications, can review your plans for social media use to determine if they meet UF Health and University of Florida requirements for social media use, and to suggest alternative recommendations for leveraging other existing social media channels within UF Health if those might be better suited to deliver your message.

Social Media Analysis

Web Services can provide an analysis of your social media usage, using analytics tools and other metric tools. We can provide long-term analysis of your channels as well as real-time results during events or during crisis communications.

Competitive Analysis

Web Services can provide comparative analysis of your competitor’s use of social media and make recommendations on improvements to your unit’s use of selected channels

Ongoing Consultation

Web Services can provide training and consultation to web content providers and community managers on social media best-practices and available resources.

Content Reviews

Web Services reviews social media content to identify areas for improvement

Social Media Account Request

Social media account representing UF Health have to be approved by UF Health Communications per UF policy. The following process will help to create a social media presence that will meet institution and audience goals and expectations.

Request a Social Media Account