New features: footer contact information, alert boxes, horizontal rules

Today we have released 3 new features for users of the Apollo theme:

Footer Contact Information:

You can now add a line of basic contact information to your websites footer (address, phone numbers). [see preview]

  • To enable: visit Appearance / Theme Options / Footer
  • In the text field labeled “Contact Info” insert your contact information [see preview]
  • Select “Save Options

Benefit: Users will be able to quickly find your contact information from any page, and you may even experience an improvement in search engine result rankings because of the geographic information (Google likes )


Horizontal Rule

Easily insert a horizontal rule (bar) into the content of your pages/posts.

  • To insert: select the HR icon in the toolbar:
  • The HR bar will look like this:

Benefit: Content on your website can be made easier to scan by breaking content sections up with a subtle bar.


Alert Box

Insert an alert box into the content of your pages/posts.

  • To insert: while editing a post/page select the text you want to turn into an alert box and select “Alert – Red” from the “Styles” dropdown in the toolbar [see preview]
  • The alert box will look like this:
This an alert. You should pay attention to me because chances are high that I am important.

Benefit: Users will be able to identify critical notices and content on your pages very quickly

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Jeff Stevens is the Assistant Web Manager for UF Health Web Services. He focuses on user experience, information architecture, content strategy, and usability.

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