New Features: “All Posts” Page, Recent Posts Widget “More” Links

We are pleased to announce two new features for users of the UF&Shands WordPress theme:

The “All Posts” Page

The “All Posts” archive landing page displays all your posts, across all categories (excluding the featured category), similar to how WordPress displays posts within a specified category. Just add “/posts” to the end of your site’s domain name to access it. If you are using the Recent Posts widget without a specific category defined, this page can be used as a full listing and automatically linked to the widget title and additionally at the bottom of the list, with the following new option:

Recent Posts Widget “More” Links

The Recent Posts widget now has a checkbox option to add a “more” link after your small listing of posts. If a category is defined, this link will take users to the category archive page. If no category or alternate URL is set, the “more” link will take users to the newly created “All Posts” page.

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Jeffrey Stevens

Jeff Stevens is the Assistant Web Manager for UF Health Web Services. He focuses on user experience, information architecture, content strategy, and usability.

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