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Photo Credit: Michael Dales via Compfight ccWhen creating Posts you can have the byline and image of the author added to the post. Once set up, the Author Profile will automatically show up on Posts with a chosen category or on all posts. See the Author Profile at the bottom of this Post. Also you can get a listing of all Posts written by that author with one click.

  • Start by contacting UF Health Web Services
  • Decide if you want the Author Profile to show up on all Posts or just specific posts.
  • If you want the Author Profile to show on just certain Posts, create one new category.
  • In the Dashboard under Appearance choose Theme Options and open the General tab.
    • Check the box to Enable Author Information.
    • Leave the post category drop-down set at all categories to have Author Profiles applied to all Posts.
    • Use the drop-down to choose one specific category if you want the profiles to show only on specific posts.

To have the Profile show up properly have the Authors go to their profile by hovering over their name in the admin bar at the top of the page. (The same area used to log out of your site)

  • Hover over your name and  choose Edit my Profile.
  • Fill in the appropriate details in the About Yourself section .
  • Add an Avatar (picture of yourself)
  • If you have a full bio online you can add that URL to the Alternate Profile Link.
    • Adding a URL here will add the View Profile link in the Author Profile box.
    • You will be able to get the list of all Posts by that author by clicking on the View Posts link.
  • Click Update Profile

Photo Credit: Michael Dales via Compfight cc

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