Forms, Quizzes and Surveys

Gravity FormsIf you’ve ever had to build a web form on the Apollo template, then you are familiar with our forms plug-in, Gravity Forms. We’ve been impressed with Gravity Form’s ease-of-use and intuitive design, and it has proved to be a tremendous asset for our organization.

Web Services has just introduced two new additions to the Gravity Forms plug-in which greatly increase the versatility of the web form.


The Quiz add-on allows for the simple creation of on-line quizzes:

  • You build out the quiz in the same method you would a normal web form
  • An additional field allows you to select the correct answer for each question
  • Answers can be randomized from form to form
  • Grading options include pass/fail or letter grading

Learn more on creating a Quiz using Gravity Forms.


Surveys start the same way as any Gravity Form.

  • The Survey add-on introduces Likert, Rating, and Rank survey tools in addition to standard form field options
  • You can view aggregate results of your survey and filter this data based on date and field selection by going to the Survey Results.

Learn more on creating a Survey using Gravity Forms.