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Have you looked at your website using a mobile device? 30-40% of your site’s traffic could be through mobile devices. A lot of that traffic might be from  first-time visitors as well. There is a chance that a high number of visitors that view your site for the very first time through their mobile devices. Typically, visitors will spend anywhere from 30 seconds to 1 minute viewing your site. If they can’t find the information they are seeking, you may have lost a great opportunity for a new patient or assisting a current patient in need of information quickly.

Using our Web Services website as an example, one major difference you can immediately see from these screenshots is that the “Call-to-Action Button” (orange button) that typically sits just above your main site menu is now hidden within the drop-down menu on the mobile site.

You can change that in your Theme Options! Log into WordPress and click on Appearance > Theme Options > Header Call to Action > Check the box underneath “Header Action Item Mobile Location.” This will move your call to action button out of the menu and back onto the front page for mobile visitors.

Web Services Website in Mobile View
Web Services Website in Mobile View
Web Services Website in Mobile View
Web Services Website in Mobile View


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