Forms Made Easy with {merge_tags}

Most forms ask for much of the same information regardless of the type of form that it is. The form will ask for the user’s full name, and often an email, phone number, and/or physical address of some type. What if some of this information added itself to the form without a single keystroke from the user?

Meet Merge Tags for Gravity Forms. Merge tags make this possible with the inclusion of a short code for the type of information you want to auto-generate in that field.

Image of the Advanced tab of a form field

To use Merge Tags to automatically add the user’s first and last name in the appropriate fields, you would include the merge tag (or shortcode) for each field in the Advanced Tab, under the Default Value, for each field.

In this image we can see that merge tags for the first and the last names were placed as the Default Value for each field.

After you update the form, you can preview your form to see if the merge tags are working properly.

Form with merge tag data

See a list of all merge tags available for use.

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