Apollo 2.0 Upgrades

Over the last seven months, we’ve had an incredible reception to the Apollo 2.0 WordPress theme. Thanks to the hard work of our content editors, we’ve launched over 100 sites in the new theme since February 2019. With an additional 150+ sites in development, we’ve continued to refine and improve the theme, based on our editors input and feedback.

Over the last few months, we’ve taken that input and reflected on the design and structure of the theme and ways that we can maximize the potential of the theme. To that end, this afternoon we are rolling out some subtle refinements aimed at improving the width of certain interior page templates. These changes will make Gutenberg blocks in interior pages look and function better. Blocks have proven to be a popular feature, and these changes will help make the user experience more seamless across your website.

What changes will I see?

Editors will note that the page widths for interior pages will be wider; you will generally see a wider column for your text and images on interior pages, some subtle spacing differences around the page’s titles, and blocks using the interior space of pages better.

We expect this increase in page width will have minimal impact on the work you’ve done laying out your pages. Over the last week, we worked with site administrators for about a dozen of our largest, most visited sites to test these updates and see what issues might occur in the transition.

Over the next few days, we’ll be rolling out these upgrades across our Apollo 2.0 sites. While we do not anticipate any major issues, there is always the potential that the upgrade will require some small polish and changes for some page configurations and layouts; if you do see an issue with your site, please contact the Web Services team and we’ll be glad to assist.

What Else is New?

These layout changes are only a small part of the upgrades and new features that have been added to Apollo 2.0. In the next few days you’ll receive another newsletter that will go over all of these new features available to you to expand on your capabilities of presenting content to your audiences and meeting your goals.

Thank you again for your continued feedback and support of the new platform – your contributions are an essential part of keeping our iterative improvement process moving forward.

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