MedMatters Campaign URL Tracking

An explanation and taxonomy of the unique URL you will get for each MedMatters campaign. Fill out a content request submission form.

Example URL


  1. Website URL (original website URL)
  2. Campaign Source
    1. Newsletter
    2. Facebook
    3. Twitter
    4. Instagram
    5. LinkedIn
    6. Google
    7. UFHealthWebsite – To be used as the Custom URL on any UF Health affiliate sites including any department or divisional sites.
    8. AlumniNewsletter – For alumni newsletter.
    9. InternalNewsletter – For internal newsletter.
  3. Campaign Medium
    1. Email
    2. Social
    3. Paid
    4. Post (for affiliate sites)
  4. Campaign Name – MedMatters

If the article will have multiple ads or A/B testing, you will also need a Campaign Content tag. We do not anticipate you will be needing this.


When you submit a Med Matters content piece through our form, you will get to select which URL tracking links you would like.

You will receive them in an Excel file along with the article for review. In the excel file, you will receive the full tracking URL. Please reach out if you would like a short link. The URLs will be accompanied by the campaign source and medium to indicate where they should be placed.

The Identifiers

You will be able to select from the following identifier tags which will tell us where your clicks are coming from.

  1. Newsletter, Email
  2. Facebook, Social
  3. Twitter, Social
  4. Instagram, Social
  5. LinkedIn, Social
  6. Google, Paid
  7. UFHealthWebsite, Post
  8. AlumniNewsletter, Email
  9. InternalNewsletter, Email
  10. Other (Include information in comments)