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Taking Analytics up a Notch

Published: Apr 14th, 2017

In February, UF Health Web Services hosted a seat for Higher Ed Experts’ Higher Analytics Conference. 12 Higher Education web experts shared their insights and tips on how to use Analytics […]

Google’s 200 Ranking Factors

Google’s 200 Ranking Factors

Published: Jun 5th, 2013

A comprehensive listing of the many factors (or “signals”) that go into getting the best ranking possible from Google: [view image]

New Features: SharePoint Calendar Integration, Search Engine Meta Description

Published: Feb 21st, 2012

Today we are pleased to announce two new features for users of the UF&Shands website theme: SharePoint calendar integration This feature will allow you to automatically display public events from […]


Website or Blog

Published: Oct 14th, 2011

In some people’s minds, there are big differences between a web site and a blog. Websites seem to be considered a more serious vehicle, while blogs tend to be thought of in a less serious, or even frivolous, manner.

The Big Plunge

The Big Plunge

Published: Aug 3rd, 2011

Jumping into Search Engine Optimization might look intimidating from above, but trust us, the water’s fine. Web Services has some tips on how to get started and how to make a splash.